Id Software
Quake Trilogy

Quake II

Quake III

You get the phone call at 4 a.m., your commander says there’s a problem with the Slipgate device: "An enemy called Quake is using his own slipgates to insert death squads inside our bases to surrender, kidnap and kill... The hell of it is we have no idea where he’s come from, we believe another dimension. You are our best men, and we’re about to counterstrike and you’re in charge, the order is simple and clear: Find and stop Quake".
On the time you awake, the nightmare just begins ...
Quake realm

Console commands:

CROSSHAIR "1" - Crosshair on
STATUS - Game info
GAMMA xx - Gamma correction
NAME - Player name
VERSION - Game version
COMx - Com port status
COMx MODEM - Connect com port to a modem
COMx ENABLE/DISABLE- Enable/ Disable com port
CONNECT COMx [phone] - Call a phone number

Quake realm

On the console (~), type:

FLY - Fly mode (on/off)
GOD - God mode (on/off)

GIVE x,y - Ammo

GIVE x - Weapons (1-8)

IMPULSE 9 - All weapons

IMPULSE 255 - Quake damage

MAP ex,my - Map warp
NOCLIP - No clip mode (on/off)

KILL - Suicide


Quake 2
Incomming message: "We have cleared the interplanetary gateway between Earth and Stroggos.. Never before has there been a greater challenge to life, liberty, and civilization. This is a crusade in which we will accept nothing less than victory. No matter how long it may take us to overcome the Strogg’s barbaric assault, the people of Earth in their righteous might will win through to absolute victory.
Quake 2 enemies
Today we will make very certain that this form of barbaric treachery shall never endanger us again. With confidence in you, and with the unbending determination of our people, we will gain the inevitable triumph. So go forth and kick ass, soldiers!"
Quake 2 realm
This is only a prelude of what you gonna see in Quake 2: shoots, explosions, death, earthquakes ... A new atmosphere, new graphics, new monsters, new weapons, and much more. This is for sure the best 3D game you ever have seen, thanks, again, to iD Software, ever on the top of the market.
Quake 2 realm

On the console (~), type:

GOD – God Mode (on/ off)
NOCLIP - No clipping mode (on/off)
GIVE WEAPONS – All weapons
– Full ammo
– Everything you need to kick ass

Quake 2 realm

Quake III
The Arena of Quake

Quake 3 enemie

Quake 3 opponent
Unable to stop their employees of playing Quake against each other, iD Software released Quake 3 only as a Deathmatch game version.
Quake 3 Arena
Being the men the worst contender you can fight against, gather your friends, make them your enemies and kill them all aplenty: this is Quake 3.


GOD - God mode.
GIVE WEAPONS - Gives all weapons.
- Level warp.

NOCLIP - No clipping mode.
NOTARGET - Monsters won't target you unless you attack.
- Gives you all items.
GIVE HEALTH # - Gives you
Health #
. - Health
- Substitute number less than 800 for X and have fun with gravity!



q3 Extremities