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Dark Forces
Dark Forces

The universe of Star Wars in a 3D first-person shooting game.
You’re Kyle Katarn, a mercenary working for the Rebelion, your mission: stop the Empire with its new weapon: The Dark Trooper.


LAPOSTAL- Weapons and lifes
LAMAXOUT - Full Inventory
LASKIP - Mission objetive complete
LARANDY - Weapon supercharge

Dart Vader


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Jedi Knight

Kyle Katarn, is looking for a sacred place: The Valley of the Jedi. Morgan Katarn, Kyle’s father, gave his life to protect the power of the Valley from the evil forces: a Jedi cemitery, a place with the power of millions of dead Jedis trapped inside.
Jedi Knight

Jerec, the man who murdered Morgan, is a great evil, he searches for the power of the Valley: a supernova star in simple thought, the erradication of the life from the universe in a whisper...

Now, this power is a place that your destiny must take you. You must learn the ways of the force, and remember, it will be your choice... the path between evil or goodness...


Here it is ... The best 3D game of the history. DARK FORCES II is the most interactive adventure-action game ever created nowadays. Fantastic enemies to fight, Jedi combats with the light-saber, interesting puzzles to solve, amazing real scenarios from Star Wars Galaxy to play. You for sure can't miss that, or you may regreat yourself someday.

Facing Black Jedi
Facing "The machine"

Cheats: type "t", and:

ERIAMJH - Fly (on/ off)
RED5 - Weapons
SITHLORD - Dark Jedi Master
IMAYODA - Light Jedi Master


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your wife and kidnapped your daugther, they let you with only one thing left: the revenge.
Go ahead into this fantastic 3D first-person bang-bang game, someone needs to keep the justice


You were a retired Marshall, living in peace with the family, somewhere on Old West. When they killed

Outlaws scene


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Are you an Outlaw ? If yes, these cheats are for you.

Type "t", and:

OLASH - Full ammo
- God Mode
OLPOSTAL - All weapons
OLGUSHER - Infinite oil
OLJACKPOT - Inventory full
OLAIRHEAD - Fly mode
OLBOUNCE - Super jump
OLSCORE - Change level