Hexen | Hexen II
Hexen Trilogy
iD Software


"A long time ago, in a world which name is now forgotten. The Serpent Rider named DíSparil felt defeated by a single elf, this forgotten hero purified the land from its poison influents from the hell."

The first chapter of the challenge: HERETIC - SHADOW OF THE SERPENTS RIDERS is just the beginning of a long war between light and shadow, reality and magic, good and evil...

The Tome of Power



QUICKEN - God mode (on/ off)
RAMBO - Weapons
GIMME - Artifact
SKEL - All keys
RAVMAP - Map (in map mode)
KITTY - No clip (on/ off)
SHAZAM - Tome of power
ENGAGE(x,y) - Level warp


Hexen - The Mage

"Korax, the second Serpent Rider, sended to the world of Kronos, perverted the liders of the world to do his wickedness. Fortunately, three brave souls forth way to the serpent and destroyed Korax..."

DeadKings of the Dark Cidatel

Deadkings of the Dark Citadel - The Warrior

The Koraxís legion still trying to conquer your realm, so you canít let the bastards do what Korax could not done. New episode, three hubs, 20 levels.



SATAN - God mode
CASPER - No clip
SHADOWCASTER - Change character
NRA - Weapons
INDIANA - Full inventory
SHERLOCK - All artifacts
VISIT(x,y) - Level warp


Hexen II

Facing Eidolon

"Now the darkness has come to Thyrion, I fear that the last and more powerful of the Serpent Riders is rabbiting our once peaceful world... Eidolon. Who will step foward and bring the empire of Eidolon to an end... Only time will tell..."


The best 3D RPG Medieval game, with the Quake engine, Hexen 2 became a fantastic reality, with incredible enemies, in four differents themes: medieval, meso-american, roman and egyptian; four differents characters to choose: warrior, thief (female), mage or crusader; and, at last, four horsemen of the apocalipse Cavaliers to defeat, beyond, of course, fighting the last Serpent Rider: Eidolon, the most giant and bad boss that you havenít ever confronted before.


GOD - God mode
IMPULSE9 - Weapons
IMPULSE43 -Things
NOCLIP - No clip mode

NOTARGET - Invisible
MAP levelname - Change level